2015 Training Institute for Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health

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Participant Eligibility Requirements

This training is designed for investigators at any career stage interested in conducting D&I research. To be eligible, participants must NOT have current R18, R01 or R01-equivalent funding as a principal investigator for D&I research or received such funding in the in the past five years. Note: investigators who have received an R01 or equivalent are eligible, as long as the funding was not specifically for D&I research. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate experience with, or potential for, working effectively in transdisciplinary teams and who have strong partnerships with—or are embedded within—healthcare delivery, public health or community-based networks. We seek a balance of both junior and senior investigators, with the overall goal of bringing new people into the field of D&I research. While we anticipate most participants will be early to mid-career individuals, we will enroll a limited number of senior researchers who are making the switch to D&I research.

In addition, to be eligible, participants must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Hold a doctoral degree (PhD, ScD, MD, DrPH, DO, DVM, DNSc, DrPH, etc.).
  • Have demonstrated experience and expertise in health science (e.g., medicine, behavioural medicine, nursing, medical anthropology, health economics, public health, health policy).
  • Have a feasible D&I research concept to bring to the institute and develop throughout the week. This should be a project the applicant is seriously interested in conducting and/or submitting for funding.
  • Federal employees are not eligible with the exception of individuals whose position allows them to receive grants and function as independent researchers (e.g., VA research investigators).
  • Be willing and able to pay your own travel expenses (round trip airfare, ground transportation, and some meals) and attend the entire training 5-day institute, if accepted.

Applicants are NOT required to be citizens, permanent residents, or non-citizen nationals of the United States. There is no fee to apply to attend the institute. However, all applicants are responsible for arranging and paying for their travel to attend.

Application Information

Applicants must submit all of the following documents electronically by April 10, 2015 to this application website. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status by the last week of May.

Please note: all of the application components (1-4) below must be prepared and available for upload prior to submitting your application. 

Please be sure to name all your files with your last name then an underscore and the type of document (see below). All documents must be either MS Word or Adobe PDF files.

  1. Implementation science is an inherently transdisciplinary field, requiring the involvement and contribution of multiple perspectives, disciplines and stakeholders, including policy and practice stakeholders. Success in designing and conducting implementation studies requires experience, interest and a commitment to working in a transdisciplinary manner, spanning multiple academic disciplines as well as research, policy and practice boundaries. Please briefly describe (300 word maximum) your experience (or plans for) productive, effective transdisciplinary work and how this fits with your goals for conducting D&I research in the future.
    *save file as “YourLastName_Statement”
  2. Letter(s) of recommendation from a research mentor (or colleague for senior level applicants) who can a) address the applicant’s potential to pursue D&I research, and b) speak to institutional interest and support for D&I research. Two letters are acceptable if mentor/colleague is from a different institution
    *save file as “YourLastName_Letter”
  3. A current curriculum vitae (CV)
    *save file as” YourLastName_CV”
  4. 1.5 to 2-page concept paper describing the Dissemination and Implementation research project you plan to conduct and will develop during the conference. Describe the specific aims and general approach. In addition, please describe (a) the evidence-based practice or innovation you wish to implement (or that you wish to study within the context of a natural experiment of implementation or adaptation), or disseminate; (b) the type of implementation strategy or approach you envision (if you plan an interventional study), and (c) the type of evaluation or research plan you envision.  NOTE- papers longer than 2 pages will not be reviewed to ensure equity in the selection process. References are not required and will not count towards the page limit.
    *save file as” YourLastName_ConceptPaper”

Information on previous TIDIRHs can be found at the following link: http://conferences.thehillgroup.com/OBSSRinstitutes/TIDIRH2014/index.html

Please contact TIDIRH@thehillgroup.com with additional questions. 

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