2016 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships Competition

Proposals are currently being accepted from strong post-doctoral researchers to apply for a Marie Sklodowska-Curie individual fellowship, funded by the European Union, supported by the Centre for Health Economics (CHE) at the University of York. If the application is successful, the fellowship would be based at the University of York.

The Centre for Health Economics (CHE) is a world renowned institute that produces policy relevant research and innovative methods that advance the use of health economics to improve population health.  CHE operates across all areas of health economics, with a particular emphasis on methodological thinking and high policy impact.

CHE is soliciting applications from researchers wanting to work on the cutting edge of health economics, focusing on research projects that will make a novel, significant and impactful contribution, via the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships scheme.

Individual Fellowships support the acquisition and transfer of new knowledge, while working on research in a European (EU Member States & Associated Countries) context.

CHE will support leading researchers currently based outside the UK in applying for Individual European Fellowships. As such they are soliciting expressions of interest from researchers wishing to work at CHE in the following areas:

  • Methods for economic evaluation in health, in particular:
    • assessing the social value of new interventions in diseases where antimicrobial resistance is a problem
    • developing methods guidance for the evaluation of diagnostics
    • value of information analysis for early technology development decisions
    • methods for the evaluation of public health
    • economic evaluation for policy impact in low-income settings
  • Applied health econometric analysis, in particular:
    • interactions between  health and labour supply
    • health behaviours
  • The economics of healthcare workforces, in particular:
    • motivation for, and consequences of, the movement of health professionals between countries
    • implications of mobility for health care delivery and the funding of medical education and training
    • consequences of mobility for the cultural, ethnic, gender and socio-economic diversity of health care professions


We will provide full support and guidance to successful applicants, selected from expressions of interest received, to develop their proposals to the EU for the Fellowships. All expressions of interest should meet the eligibility criteria of the scheme.

For more information about this opportunity please visit: http://www.york.ac.uk/che/marie-curie-fellowships-2016/#tab-1

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