Clinical and economic burden of advanced metastatic renal cell carcinoma in Canada

Awardee: Sara Nazha

Graduate Program: PhD

Institution: McGill University

Supervisor(s):  Alice Dragomir

ARCC Program Area(s): Health Technology Assessment

Competition: 2016

Project Summary:

In the past decade, over 8 new technologies were approved for metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC), making it one of the most prolific areas of cancer drug development. However, very little evidence is available on the cost and management of mRCC using these new health technologies. In this context, non-randomized data from observational studies is very useful. This research program will attempt to evaluate the clinical and economic burden of mRCC. Currently, the access to these new technologies is very divergent and limited throughout the Canadian provinces, which is mainly due to the lack of clinical, and cost-effectiveness evidence. This research program can be a useful way to clarify the outcomes in real-life setting of the different treatment options in mRCC, which will help decision-making process in their evaluation of different treatments for this specific population. Finally, it is in concordance with one of the top 10 research priorities of Kidney Cancer Research Network Canada (KCRNC), which is to develop decisionmaking tools for patients and healthcare providers to help guide treatment decisions in advanced/metastatic disease.(1)

  1. Kidney Cancer research network of Canada:
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