ARCC Health Economist Awarded Prestigious MSFHR Training Award

ARCC is pleased to congratulate our Health Economist, Adam Raymakers, on his recent award of a 2019 Research Trainee Award from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research.

“Improving The Methods Of Economic Evaluation To Support Decision-Making: CAR-T, Uncertainty, And Real-World Evidence”

Supervisor: Stuart Peacock (ARCC Co-Director)

Adam’s research investigates how economic evaluation can be used to inform decision-making in health care. Specifically, he is interested in the evaluation of evidence and broadening the scope of economic evaluations to include components such as equity, in order to provide a comprehensive assessment of the technology under consideration.

Other than being costly, there is limited evidence on the effectiveness and longevity of various therapies, such as CAR-T. Therefore, it is important to conduct comprehensive economic evaluations that acknowledge both the evidence and the uncertainty around the evidence that can inform decision-making.

Raymakers credits SFU’s strong health economics team in helping his development as a researcher.

“FHS brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers with a variety of perspectives that, for me, is really valuable to appreciating the broad spectrum of health care needs of individuals and populations.”

Read the full press release from SFU here.

View this project at MSFHR here.

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