CME Credit available based on ARCC funded study in The Oncologist

We are proud to announce that an ARCC funded study led by Dr. Sonya Cressman and published in The Oncologist has been selected as a CME offering. Their article titled: “A time-trend economic analysis of cancer drug trials” is available for a Maximum of 1 credit unit course.

The target audience for this is Physicians who wish to advance their current knowledge of economics and oncology practice.

This course hopes to develop your ability to:

  1. Explain the challenges associated with modern drug funding and resource allocation decisions in cancer.
  2. Describe the need for better economic evidence to support uptake of the most promising drugs.
  3. Discuss the public health perspective on drug value.

The credit course is available now until July 9th 2017.

To download a copy of this article CLICK HERE.

To begin this credit course CLICK HERE.

For more Oncology-related CME credit courses CLICK HERE.


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