CADTH Call For Nominations

CADTH is seeking nominations for its expert and advisory committees. They are currently accepting applications from individuals with significant expertise in the Canadian health care system who are interested in helping support health care decision-makers in making informed choices about health technologies.

In total, CADTH is seeking 16 new members from across the country who have a range of education, experience, and skill sets. This is an exciting opportunity to help ensure that the Canadian health care system is the best it can be.

They are inviting nominations for the following:

  • CADTH Canadian Drug Expert Committee: 1 patient member
  • CADTH Health Technology Expert Review Panel: 2 expert members
  • Patient and Community Advisory Committee: 4 patient members
  • Device Advisory Committee: 1 chair and 1 procurement professional member
  • Post-Market Drug Evaluation: 1 chair; 2 methodologist, applied researcher, and/or data analyst members; 2 clinicians; and 2 patient members.

Full details about each role, who is eligible to submit a nomination, and the nomination process are available on the CADTH website (click here).

CADTH is pleased to be offering an online nomination process, and asks that all interested individuals submit nominations via the online form by April 25, 2022.

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