CanREValue Interim Policy Report Open for Feedback

The CanREValue Collaboration is pleased to open the feedback consultation period for our Policy Working Groups: Developing a framework for incorporating real-world evidence into drug funding decisions: CanREValue Collaboration Policy Working Groups Interim Report 2019.

View the Policy Working Groups Report here

View the Report Appendix here

Feedback Form

Stakeholder input is essential to the development of a framework for the incorporation of real-world evidence for cancer drug decision-making. We encourage stakeholders to participate by answering the list of consultation questions provided below or to provide any other comments regarding the contents of the report.

To provide feedback and input on the interim Policy report, please use the feedback template. Please submit your completed feedback by 5:00pm EDT on January 31st, 2020 to

Note: All feedback will be collated and our subsequent responses to the feedback will be made publicly available.

Consultation Questions for consideration:

  1. What barriers do you foresee in the implementation of such a framework that is proposed? What potential solutions/facilitators would ensure proper implementation.
    1. In terms of the implementation of this framework: who should participate in the reassessment of a drug that is currently publicly funded?
    2. What role should each stakeholder have in the reassessment process?
    3. In an ideal scenario, what do you foresee your role being in the process to reassessment a drug that is currently publicly funded?
    4. How should the results from a reassessment be disseminated to different stakeholders or the public?
    5. Should different criteria be used to re-assess a drug compared to when it is assessed for the first time? If so, which criteria should be different?
  1. What benefit/opportunities do you anticipate for your organization or the healthcare system if there was a mechanism to re-review a drug that is currently publicly funded?
  1. As we are in the planning stage of the CanREValue proposal for a reassessment process, we welcome collaboration and engagement from interested stakeholders. Please indicate how you would like to be involved in the development and implementation of this proposal.
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