*New* Patient Involvement in Cancer Research Program (PIP) Small Research Grant Competition

As part of its commitment to patient engagement in cancer research, the Canadian Cancer Research Alliance (CCRA) is releasing its inaugural funding opportunity as part of its Patient Involvement in Cancer Research Program (PIP). Integrated with the biennial Canadian Cancer Research Conference (CCRC) since 2017, PIP provides patient partners with an opportunity to learn about leading-edge science from Canada’s cancer researchers and trainees and to, likewise, offer the scientific community an opportunity to learn from and interact with patient partners keen on building their knowledge of cancer research and demonstrating the value that engaged patients can bring to the cancer research process.

One grant of up to $15,000 will be issued. This competition is open to trainees and early career investigators at Canadian institutions/organizations. Applicants with the highest rated proposals, as determined by patient partners, will provide a brief presentation to a panel of patients, who will ask questions and provide feedback. An evaluation of these sessions will form the basis of the final grant decision.

Applicants from all research pillars are welcomed but you must be registered for the 2021 CCRC to apply (the successful applicant will be announced at the CCRC). Register now and join us on November 8 to 11, 2021! Take advantage of Early Bird Registration by registering before October 8th and save!

Grant guidelines are available here and the application is available here. The grant deadline is September 22, 2021. If you require further information, please contact kimberly.badovinac@partnershipagainstcancer.ca.

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