CCS Data Transformation Grants

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Key Dates:

Submissions Open: January 24, 2024

Abstract Registration: February 21, 2024

Full Application Deadline: April 24, 2024

Funding Start Date: September 1, 2024

The intent of this program is to engage and bring together the data community and support pilot projects or implementation of successful pilot initiatives, that have the potential to solve issues in cancer data. CCS will promote innovations that have the potential to be instrumental in improving cancer data in Canada, ultimately leading to more equitable and timely access to innovative and affordable, high-quality cancer care.

The CCS is seeking proposals for projects that employ novel approaches to enhance the collection, integration and use of cancer data in Canada. Projects funded should demonstrate specific actions that can be scaled and sustained to improve the cancer data ecosystem in Canada. These may be pilot or proof-of-concept projects that show incremental progress towards one of these three priorities or full-scale, implementation studies having completed a successful pilot that are aligned with the identified priorities in the cancer data strategy. For the purpose of this call, cancer data is being defined as either patient data or population-based data related to cancer.

Projects that focus on solutions to other issues related to cancer data are eligible, as long as the issue being addressed is justified in the application and addresses concerns related to accessibility, completeness, quality and/or timeliness of cancer data in Canada.


Funds Available: 

Funding will be provided to support the direct costs of the project, including supplies and software, eligible salaries, equipment, and research data center access fees associated with the proposed work. Equipment requests cannot exceed 15% of the requested budget. Indirect costs are not eligible. Please consult CCS grant expense policies when creating your budget.

Total Budget*: Approximately $2.6M
1 to 2 year period (proof-of-concept, pilot) Up to $125,000 total (~6 grants)
3-year period (post pilot, full scale study) ** Up to $150,000 per year (~4 grants)


* Additional partners or access to additional funds may increase this number.

** At the discretion of CCS, payment of subsequent years may be conditional on reaching milestones, as outlined in the feasibility section of the Full Application and part of the timelines propose

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