CIHR-ICR Funding Opportunities Fall 2016

Partnerships in Cancer Health Services Improvement and Sustainability (PHSI)

Letter of Intent : October 18, 2016

Full Application Deadline : Mid 2017

Anticipated Funding Start Date (LOI stage): December 2016

Anticipated Funding Start Date (full application): July 2017

The aim of the opportunity is to strengthen Canada’s healthcare system through collaborative, applied, policy relevant research across the cancer control continuum. An emphasis will be placed on partnerships and knowledge translation and the potential impact on decision making for managers and policy makers.

Researchers will team up with decision makers to conduct applied health services and policy research in cancer health services improvement and sustainability Specific objectives of the funding opportunity are to:

  • Develop and test optimal models to improve cancer care at the population level across the cancer control continuum, from prevention to survivorship and end-of-life care.
  • Determine public and patient preferences and perceptions of value to inform policy decision making about cancer care services.
  • Develop methods to measure quality of care at the population level including comparisons to stratified populations (ie vulnerable, high-risk populations)

This funding opportunity requires two steps. In the first step a Letter of Intent (LOI) will be submitted. Successful teams will be funded to participate in a facilitated workshop with their research team to develop their full application. The full application will then be submitted for full funding next summer.

Applicants must secure partnership contributions from Project Specific partners equivalent to a minimum of 20% of the total grant amount requested from CIHR. The partnership contribution can be a combination of cash and/or in-kind contributions. Note: 20% is the minimum requirement. There is no upper limit on partner contributions to a project.

Up to $20,000 will be allocated for successful teams at the LOI phase of the competition (up to 20


For those that moving on to the full application the maximum amount that can be requested from CIHR

is $1,000,000 (per grant) for a period of up to four years ($250,000/year).



Innovation Grants – Health Services and Health Economics Research for Cancer Control

Call for Applications (Phase 1): September 27th, 2016

Full Application Deadline (Phase 1): November 2016

Anticipated Funding Start Date (Phase 1): March 1, 2017

The overall aim of this opportunity is to support evidence informed decision making related to policies, programs, and practices in cancer care (including screening and prevention). The application of knowledge gained from this research will assist in making improvements in care across the cancer control continuum (from prevention to palliation).

Any of the research areas identified below will be eligible for funding:

Innovative/novel approaches to:

  • Disease management across the cancer continuum (from prevention to palliation)
  • The development of mechanisms for timely adoption and implementation of research findings
  • The investigation and development of solutions to overcome barriers to data access to integrate cancer health service delivery
  • System sustainability through divestment (i.e., choosing wisely) and its promotion

The total amount available for this funding opportunity is $ 1,000,000, enough to fund up to approximately 10 innovation grants. This amount may increase if additional funding partners participate. The maximum amount per grant is $ 100,000 for up to 1 year.

Additional information can be found on Research Net:

Catalyst Grant : Health Services and Economics Research in Cancer Control

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