CIHR Travel Awards – Deadline Jan 24, 2017

Through the Institute Community Support (ICS) Program, the CIHR Institutes and Initiatives are launching the ICS Travel Awards competition for students, postdoctoral fellows, new investigators and knowledge users to present their own research at national and international meetings and/or conferences.

This ICS Travel Awards competition will not support travel for research skills development or update, exchange programs or lectureships.

The ICS Travel Awards Funding Opportunity is expected:

  • To provide travel funds to individuals in aid of research and knowledge translation activities consistent with the CIHR Initiative priorities or CIHR Institutes’ vision, mandate and strategic directions.
  • In addition to this overarching objective, each participating Institute/Initiative have their own Relevant Research Area which are outlined in the “Sponsor Description” section of the funding opportunity.


Eligibility to Apply

For an application to be eligible:

  • There can only be one Nominated Principal Applicant: Please see the “Sponsor Description” section of this funding opportunity for details on the Eligibility Requirements specific to each participating Institute or Initiative.
  • The Nominated Principal Applicant must be one of the following at the time of application :

Trainees: must be registered in a master’s or doctoral program OR be at the post-doctoral or post-health professional degree stage at an eligible institution (See Institutional Eligibility Requirements for eligibility process and associated timelines) at the time of application.

Independent researchers (New Investigators): must have held a research appointment (e.g., faculty appointment at an eligible institution, providing eligibility to apply for grants and/or supervise trainees) for a period of no longer than 60 months. Time spent in research appointments in a non-academic setting (e.g., industry, government) count towards the 60-month limit if the candidate has been actively engaged in research, as demonstrated by the candidate’s publication record, and the candidate was not considered to be in training (e.g., as a student or postdoctoral fellow).

  • The Nominated Principal Applicant MUST be the first author and presenter of the presentation or poster.
  • Individuals are limited to one CIHR ICS Travel Award application per competition. Each application can only contain ONE presentation or paper, any additional presentation, paper or abstracts will be deleted.
  • Only one ICS Travel Award will be awarded to a recipient in any fiscal year (April 1st to March 31st).
  • Travel must occur after the anticipated notice of decision date of this funding opportunity and no later than 9 months after the current competition application deadline, unless otherwise specified in the “Sponsor Description” section of each institute.
  • ICS Travel Awards are available to Canadians studying within Canada and abroad and to Canadians and non-Canadians affiliated with a Canadian Institution at the time of the application deadline.

For additional eligibility requirements for individuals, refer to the Individual Eligibility Requirements.


For more information or to apply for this opportunity please click here


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