Collaboration between CPAC and Statistics Canada results in new data linkage

A close collaboration between Statistics Canada and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) has resulted in the linking of the Canadian Cancer Registry to several administrative data sources.

The data linkage is helping researchers understand health equity in a way that has never been possible before. Early analysis of the data, for example, found people with lower income are less likely to receive timely cancer surgery for common cancers including breast, lung and colorectal.  The datasets are accessible to all researchers across Canada at the Research Data Centers.

The Partnership also leveraged the newly available data in the recent report on Lung cancer and equity: A focus on income and geography. The findings show people with lower income and people who live in rural or remote places experience inequities in cancer risk, access to care and outcomes.

To learn more about the data linkage, and findings from early analysis, visit Statistics Canada website.

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