Emerging Scholar Award (Canadian Cancer Society)

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The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is excited to launch the CCS Emerging Scholar Award program, aimed at establishing and advancing promising early career scientists and clinician scientists from across Canada with a focused commitment to undertaking cancer research. Through the CCS Emerging Scholar Award program, early career investigators will develop their cancer research programs in Canada and pursue important scientific advances of the highest quality and potential for impact. By making a significant investment in the advancement of our nation’s emerging scholars, CCS aims to the strengthen the future of the Canadian cancer research ecosystem.


LOI due: February 5, 2020
LOI results: early April 2020
Full applications due: June 30, 2020
Funding results: December 2020
Funding start date: January 1, 2021


At the time of the award start date (January 1, 2021), applicants:

  • must be scientists or clinician scientists who hold a full-time appointment at an eligible Canadian research institution.
  • must be within 5 years* from the start of their first independent academic appointment (minimum assistant professor level, or equivalent).
  • must have (a) firm faculty appointment(s).
  • must not be current recipients of awards aimed at advancing the career development of early career investigators (including CRCs).
*Career interruptions including, but not limited to, maternal and paternal leaves, extended sick leaves, medical leaves and family care will be considered, but must be described in the application. Justified career interruptions will not be included in the calculation of the five-year eligibility window.
In addition, applications must include a letter of commitment from the host institution guaranteeing the applicant protected time allocated to cancer research as well as a description of available mentoring support and resources provided.


Funds available:

CCS is committed to supporting all areas and disciplines of cancer research and building capacity across Canada. Applications from the four pillars of health research (ie. biomedical; clinical; health services; and social, cultural, environmental and population health) are encouraged, and geographic and gender diversity will be strongly considered during the evaluation process.

Successful applications must fall within the fundable range for CCS awards (>3.5).

The current funding envelope for the ESA is $9M over 5 years, or 15 awards. Each award will be valued at $120,000 per year, tenable for 5 years. Awards will be non-renewable.
Funding of up to $100,000 per year will be provided to support the direct costs of research, including supplies, salaries (trainees and research support staff), and equipment associated with the proposed work. $20,000 per year can be used for buy-out time from clinical or teaching duties (clinical applicants only) or professional development. Equipment requests cannot exceed 10% of the requested budget. Indirect costs are not eligible.


Full Details and Application Instructions available at:
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