cadth 2016








Expanding the Reach of Health Technology Assessment

Initially established as a tool for policy-makers, health technology assessment (HTA) now supports a much broader range of decision-makers. Everyone — whether technology developers in academic settings and industry, patients, clinicians, regional health authority and hospital administrators, or private sector insurers — can benefit from the evidence produced by HTA bodies. Because HTA wasn’t originally designed with these stakeholders in mind, do its processes and outputs need to change to make it easier for clinicians, patients, and other key stakeholders to integrate evidence into their decision-making?

Join patients, clinicians, researchers, and a wide range of Canadian and international experts at the 2016 CADTH Symposium to explore the needs of different decision-makers, the barriers to evidence adoption, and how HTA is improving health care decision-making by bringing evidence to everyone.

55 Colonol By Dr., Ottawa, Ontario