Final Report – Making Fair & Sustainable Decisions about Funding for Cancer Drugs

We are pleased to share with you the final report on the “Making Fair & Sustainable Decisions about Funding for Cancer Drugs” collaboration. This collaboration was funded by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, supporting ARCC and the McMaster Health Forum. We invite you to read and download a copy today!

Download the English report here

Download the French report here

In 2016 a series of six public deliberation events were held across Canada on the topic of rising cancer drug costs and the sustainability of Canada’s public healthcare system. The events, titled Making Fair and Sustainable Decisions about Funding for Cancer Drugs in Canada, were conducted in the provinces of Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec (one in English and one in French) and Nova Scotia; there was also a final pan‐Canadian event. The objective of this series of events was to seek direction from Canadians on what values should underpin policy decisions related to cancer drug funding when budgets are limited, and how these decisions may be made in a trustworthy manner.

This report describes the genesis of this project, the approach to public deliberation taken for the events, participant recruitment, and an analysis of key recommendations that emerged from each of the six events. It has been prepared for the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC), which sponsored the project. As stewards of the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control, CPAC was motivated to show the range of advice from Canadians on how to address funding issues in cancer control and the implications of this advice for health policy in Canada. CPAC is not involved in making any cancer drug funding decisions.

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