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Launched: CCS Innovation and Innovation to Impact Grant Competitions

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Innovation Grants: Innovation Grants support the highest quality creative problem solving in cancer research. The goal of the Innovation program is to support the development and testing of transformative, paradigm-shifting concepts and approaches to address problems in cancer research, enhance our understanding of cancer, and generate novel approaches to confront the challenges we face in defeating cancer.

Successfully funded Innovation projects are ideally based on “high risk” ideas that have a strong potential for “high reward”. They are feasible and doable by the applicant(s), but not necessarily based on a significant amount of preliminary data. With a significant emphasis on innovation, this program encourages bold attempts to test novel hypotheses and/or generate new knowledge and/or improvements related to cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and support. Applications are encouraged from across all areas and disciplines of cancer research, as well as from investigators in other disciplines whose ideas are relevant to the field of cancer research.


Innovation to Impact GrantsNote extended window of eligibility: Only investigators with a funded Innovation Grant (including Prevention Innovation Grants)/CBCF Grant with a project end date between January 1, 2017 and October 31, 2020 are eligible for this program.

This program is designed to support the next phase following a productive Innovation or CBCF research grant, with the goal of working towards or achieving a significant impact on cancer.

The Innovation to Impact (i2I) Grants are designed as the next stage in the funding pipeline for Innovation and CBCF Grants that have completed their original aims and have demonstrated productivity (such as publications or scientific presentations). Note that unexpected findings/outcomes from an Innovation or CBCF grant may be pursued through an i2I grant provided that sufficient data exists to support a compelling rationale for the proposed next steps.


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