Opportunity to serve as a patient partner with the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care to help shape the new breast cancer screening guidelines

The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care (CTFPHC) is in the process of updating their National breast cancer screening guideline that was last published in 2018. The CTFPHC prioritizes patient involvement during various stages of the guideline development process, to ensure they are patient-centered and patient-informed. Therefore, we are excited to announce that we are looking to recruit two patient partners to sit on the breast cancer guideline working group for 2023/2024!

We are looking for women* with and without lived experience of breast cancer, who are comfortable reading and speaking English, and who have experience participating as a patient partner in research or on a guideline development committee.

Appointed patient partners will be required to attend bi-monthly working group meetings to provide feedback and insights to help the Task Force working group shape their recommendations, in consideration of patient values and preferences.

If you, or someone in your network is interested in learning more about this position, please contact Sarah.Deshpande@unityhealth.to for more information.

 *The CTFPHC breast cancer working group welcomes all women to participate, including transwomen, cis-women and individuals assigned female at birth.

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