The Mental Health of Adolescents & Young Adults Hematologic Cancer Patients

Adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with a diagnosis of hematologic malignancies (HMs) – or blood cancers – between the ages of 15-39 years face challenges that are distinct from those encountered by younger or older patients. Some challenges may include barriers to forming self-identity and independence, seeking higher education and careers, and gaining social skills to develop friendships and intimate relationships. These barriers may impact the mental well-being and overall quality of life of AYAs with HMs over the rest of their years.

Researchers from the BC Cancer Research Institute are leading a study titled The Mental Health of Adolescents & Young Adults Hematologic Cancer Patients. We aim to understand and identify the mental health outcomes and experiences of AYAs with blood cancer. Gaining a deeper understanding will help us design effective and efficient AYA-specific mental healthcare in the future and eventually improve their overall quality of life. We will share the findings at the provincial and national levels to raise awareness and advocate for the mental health needs of AYA blood cancer patients.

We seek AYA blood cancer survivors to participate in a focus group session. The focus group will be no more than 90 minutes long. During the session, we will ask you about your cancer experiences and the coping strategies you use over the course of your cancer. Sessions will be conducted in English via video (e.g., a licensed version of Zoom). Honoraria will be provided for participating individuals. The video focus group session will be scheduled at a time that is the most convenient for you. If you would like to participate in the focus group, you will need to indicate your interest by completing this 15-minute online survey.

Based on the responses to this survey, if eligible, AYAs with HMs will be invited to participate in a Focus Group Session. If you are interested in participating in this study, you must:

  • live in Canada
  • have received a blood cancer diagnosis between the ages of 18-39 years
  • be between 18-39y of age

The following survey will ask you questions about yourself and your cancer. We will ask about any mental health symptoms you may have experienced. We will use this information to identify individuals with a wide range of mental health experiences and perspectives to be included in the focus group study.

Compensation: Participants will receive a one-time honorarium of $50 for participating in the 90-minute Focus Group Session.

Participants do not need a clinical mental health diagnosis to participate in this study. If the questionnaire is completed, it will be assumed that consent has been given.


Scientist, BC Cancer Research Institute
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice
Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University
Phone: 604-675-8000 x7065

INTERVIEWER: Mashiad Mostafa, MA

Research Coordinator
BC Cancer Research Institute
Phone: 604-675-8000 x7676