Recruitment Open: Health Ethics Research Authority (HREA)

The Health Research Ethics Authority (HREA) of Newfoundland & Labrador is a non-profit agency established by the Health Research Ethics Authority Act. It is charged with the general supervision of all health research involving human subjects conducted in the province.

The Health Research Ethics Board (HREB), appointed by the HREA, is responsible for the ethical review, approval and monitoring of applications for health research projects involving human subjects. Currently, there are two HREB subcommittees: one for clinical trials and one for all other health research. We are creating a third subcommittee responsible for genetics and genomics research.

The HREA is seeking experts in the fields of law, health research, ethics and clinical care, as well as representatives of the public to serve on the HREB. As part of this process we are inviting interested individuals to put forth their expression of interest to become members of the provincial HREB. The call for interested applicants is not limited to the new Genetics and Genomics Research subcommittee, rather we are filling positions on all three subcommittees.

Participation in the HREB meetings, normally held biweekly, may be facilitated via distance technologies so travel to meetings is not required. An orientation for new committee members is provided. Membership is voluntary, however as per provincial remuneration guidelines, there is stipend for Co-Chairs.

If you are interested in serving on the HREB please provide an Expression of Interest and your CV to If applicable, please highlight your experience in health research ethics processes. For further information you may contact Sharon Newman, Ethics Director at (709) 777-8905 or


For more information about the HREA and about our recruitment process, please visit

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