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Research Study: The Value of Personalizing Medicine

Congratulations to the research team led by Dr. Yvonne Bombard on their newest publication in The Oncologist: The Value of Personalizing Medicine: Medical Oncologists’ Views on Gene Expression Profiling in Breast Cancer Treatment.

This ARCC-Supported study involved five ARCC members: three associates (Dr. Yvonne Bombard, Dr. Natasha Leighl, and Dr. Deborah Marshall), one research personnel (Dr. Linda Rozmovits), and one regular member (Dr. Maureen Trudeau).

This study explores provider perceptions about gene-expression profiling (GEP) in clinical practice. The research team conducted qualitative interviews with medical oncologists surrounding the use of GEP during breast cancer treatment, and identified a need for decision aids to support patient understanding and a need for clinical practice guidelines to facilitate standardized use of GEP.

This article has been compared to a US study on GenomeWeb – click here for their discussion.



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