Scientific Director, CIHR Institute of Population and Public Health

CIHR’s Institute of Population and Public Health (IPPH) supports research focused on the health of populations, societal and cultural dimensions of health, and environmental influences on health. It interacts externally with researchers, Public Health Agencies, and other stakeholders, to foster the development of population and public health research in Canada, and internally with the other Institutes of CIHR to support the delivery of the public health aspect of their mandate.

Key Qualifications:

The successful applicant will have a PhD or MD degree or equivalent in a discipline relevant to CIHR-IPPH’s mandate. He or she will hold a position at a recognized institution, organization or agency, will have a solid research track-record, and will be known as a leader in the area of population and public health.

The candidate will demonstrate a clear vision for the Institute and its role within CIHR, and a willingness to act as a motivated ambassador for the organization both nationally and internationally. He/she will demonstrate strong leadership and managerial abilities and the capacity to build, inspire and motivate an effective team.

The candidate is also expected to be an excellent communicator, able to translate the importance and impact of science beyond the research community and to connect with and convene stakeholders from across disciplines at a national and international level to achieve impact.

The candidate will have the ability to create an environment that supports bold thinking, experimentation and intelligent risk taking.  He/she will address barriers to new ideas and negotiates solutions to maximize potential for innovation.

This role demands significant knowledge of the population and public health research communities, as well as an in depth understanding of the relative strengths, gaps and opportunities in both the Canadian and international health research landscape.

Preference will be given to Canadian citizens. Proficiency in both official languages is an asset.

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